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Contact us for VIP Access to West Side's First Ever Passivhaus!

West Side's First Ever Passivhaus!

lilacHAUS features the most rigorous energy standard in construction today. The revolutionary energy performance of these modern residences yield savings of up to 90%.

There are 4 luxury residences currently in development with completion scheduled for early 2019.

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Our building minimizes the total primary energy consumption with LED light technology and energy efficient appliances.

What is Passivhaus?

Amount of heat loss from any building envelope is proportional to its surface area; therefore, our building’s surface area is optimized to achieve exceptional energy efficiency.

An ultra-low energy building that requires little energy for space heating or cooling.

Efficient Building Shape

With a complete insulation of all its parts, our building has a 7 times better insulation performance than that recommended by the Building Code.

Solar Exposure

Our building enjoys a ventilation system which provides excellent indoor air quality with an exceptional heat recovery performance.


Efficient Appliances

Advanced Windows

Principal windows are oriented towards the equator (South) in order to to maximize passive solar gains.


Our triple-pane insulated glazed windows with special coatings and insulated frames ensure your home remains warm enough on cold nights.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

With a geothermal heat exchanger our building allows pre-heating of cold incoming air streams with active cooling and dehumidification during summer.

Heat Exchanger

Our building posses the highest level of airtightness in order to minimize heat loss and protect against moisture damage.

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